Production of DNA Microarray and Expression Analysis of Genes from Xylella fastidiosa in Different Culture Media

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DNA Microarray was developed to monitor the expression of many genes from Xylella fastidiosa, allowing the side-by-side comparison of two situations in a single experiment. The experiments were performed using X. fastidiosa cells grown in two culture media: BCYE and XDM(2). The primers were synthesized, spotted onto glass slides and the array was hybridized against fluorescently labeled cDNAs. The emitted signals were quantified, normalized and the data were statistically analyzed to verify the differentially expressed genes. According to the data, 104 genes were differentially expressed in XDM2 and 30 genes in BCYE media. The present study showed that DNA microarray technique efficiently differentiate the expressed genes under different conditions.


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  • Xylella fastidiosa


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