The XF-ACTORS Digital Research Object Portal (DROP) is an infrastructure that aims to provide a unique entry point to search for open research data and open access documents on Xylella fastidiosa. Most of the digital objects referenced in the portal will come from the XF-ACTORS project, but relevant data and information from other sources could also be covered. 

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Digital objects can be searched using criteria such as 1) the research field (category); 2) the description of the resource (keyword); 3) the pest/host/vector (organism, through the EPPO code system); 4) the creator of the resource (author); 5) the date of publication; 6) and the data type. 

The XF-ACTORS DROP has not been maintained since 2020-12. Discussions are currently in progress on how to extend the scope of DROP to other pests and to develop a platform to rationalise the production and use of open research digital research objects from plant health projects. 

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