A suitable Xylella fastidiosa CVC strain for post-genome studies

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The genome sequence of the pathogen Xylella fastidiosa Citrus Variegated Chlorosis (CVC) strain 9a5c has revealed many genes related to pathogenicity mechanisms and virulence determinants. However, strain 9a5c is resistant to genetic transformation, impairing mutant production for the analysis of pathogenicity mechanisms and virulence determinants of this fastidious phytopathogen. By screening different strains, we found out that cloned strains J1a12, B111, and S11400, all isolated from citrus trees affected by CVC, are amenable to transformation, and J1a12 has been used as a model strain in a functional genomics program supported by FAPESP (Sao Paulo State Research Foundation). However, we have found that strain J1a12, unlike strains 9a5c and B111, was incapable of inducing CVC symptoms when inoculated in citrus plants. We have now determined that strain B111 is an appropriate candidate for post-genome studies of the CVC strain of X. fastidiosa.


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  • Xylella fastidiosa