Seasonal and Host-Plant Associated Population Changes of Homalodisca liturata Ball in Northwest Mexico

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Homalodisca liturata Ball commonly known as "smoke tree sharpshooter' transmits Xillela fastidiosa Wells bacterium which causes Pierce s disease and severe damage to many U S and Mexican orchards This is the first observation of variation in host preference among populations of H liturata in Mexico Plants preferred by H liturata were studied during 2007 and 2008 in an experimental field of a community of sarcocaulescent shrub plants in southern Baja California Peninsula Thirty-one species of plants were associated with the insect but only 26 where host plants with a marked preference for Yucca valida Brand and Prosopis articulate S Watts on which greater numbers of insects were found fewer insects were observed on Lysiloma candida Brand Cyrtocarpa edulis Brand and Bursera microphylla A Gray Most insects were observed in March and April and the insect was generally absent in the summer between July and September when temperatures were warmest Y valida is a host with potential commercial importance because it contains saponins but H liturata should be managed to be able to use Y valida commercially


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  • Xylella fastidiosa