Populations of sharpshooters in two citrus groves in east-central Florida as indicated by yellow sticky card traps

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Three sharpshooter species were captured on yellow sticky card traps in two citrus groves in east-central Florida: Homalodisca insolitaH. vitripennis and Oncometopia nigricansHomalodisca vitripennis and O. nigricans were relatively common and H. vitripennis relatively abundant over a 3-year period in a block of mature trees that frequently needed mowing and that was surrounded by an array of plant species. Homalodisca vitripennis and O. nigricans were uncommon during an 18-month study in a young block of trees within a well-manicured grove. Homalodisca insolita was detected at each grove but uncommon on traps, possibly due to the height at which traps were operated.


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  • Citrus sp.
  • Homalodisca
  • Homalodisca vitripennis
  • Oncometopia nigricans
  • Xylella fastidiosa


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