Survey data of xylem-sap feeding Auchenorrhyncha

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The recent outbreaks of the xylem-limited bacterium Xylella fastidiosa in Europe require the improvement of prevention measures and of integrated management strategies for the diseases caused by this destructive pathogen. These needs are adressed by the XF-ACTORS consortium. Within the workpackage 5 of this project, faunistic surveys have been carried out in various habitats of southern and central Europe and in olive groves in Brazil to monitor the presence of xylem-sap feeding Auchenorrhyncha as confirmed or potential vectors of X. fastidiosa. The metadata of the collection are reported in this database. It provides general information about the occurrence and abundance of xylem-sap feeder species in Europe.


EU H2020 project Number 727987


  • Auchenorrhyncha
  • Hemiptera
  • Xylella fastidiosa


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