Transposon Tn1721 distribution among strains of Xylella fastidiosa

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Transposons are mobile genetic elements found within the genomes of various organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants and animals. Fragments of the transposon Tn1721 were found included in the genome of Xylella fastidiosa strain 9a5c. Regions from such fragments were PCR-amplified using specially designed primers (TNP1 and TNP2). In order to detect insertions of the Tn1721 element, both primers were used and one of them included a region of the transposon (TNP1) and the other one had the right repeat and part of the bacterial chromosome (TNP2). The PCR products obtained from strain 9a5c were used as a pattern for fragment size comparisons when DNA samples from other X. fastidiosa strains were used as template for the PCR assays. Differences were observed concerning the PCR products of such amplifications when some X. fastidiosa strains isolated from grapevine and plum were used. For the citrus-derived strains only the strains U187d and GP920b produced fragments with different sizes or weak band intensity. Such variations in the X. fastidiosa genome related to disrupted Tn1721 copies are probably due to the possibility of such a transposon element being still able to duplicate even after deletion events might have taken place and also because the bacterial strains in which the main differences were detected are derived from different host plants cultivated under different climate conditions from the one used as reference. 


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