Non pathogenicity to peach cultivar Flordasun of Xylella fastidiosa

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Xylella fastidiosa associated to plum leaf scald is reported to belong to the same group of the strain that causes the phony disease of peach. Plants of plum cultivars Santa Rosa and Harry Pickstone and peach cultivar Flordasun, grafted on peach rootstock, were inoculated by using buds collected from plum plants severely infected with X. fastidiosa. Peach plants did not develop symptoms of phony disease, after four years in the greenhouse. In contrast, plum plants from both cultivars inoculated either in the rootstock or in the canopy developed leaf scald symptoms. DAS-ELISA tests with antibody against X. fastidiosa and isolation on BCYE medium indicated the presence of the bacterium in plum tissues. These tests were negative for Flordasun peach for both stem and root samples.


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  • Xylella fastidiosa