A genetic linkage map of grape, utilizing Vitis rupestris and Vitis arizonica

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A genetic linkage map of grape was constructed, utilizing 116 progeny derived from a cross of two Vitis rupestris x V. arizonica interspecific hybrids, using the pseudo-testcross strategy. A total of 475 DNA markers - 410 amplified fragment length polymorphism, 24 inter-simple sequence repeat, 32 random amplified polymorphic DNA, and nine simple sequence repeat markers - were used to construct the parental maps. Markers segregating 1:1 were used to construct parental framework maps with confidence levels >90% with the Plant Genome Research Initiative mapping program. In the maternal (D8909-15) map, 105 framework markers and 55 accessory markers were ordered in 17 linkage groups (756 cM). The paternal (F8909-17) map had 111 framework markers and 33 accessory markers ordered in 19 linkage groups (1,082 cM). One hundred eighty-one markers segregating 3:1 were used to connect the two parental maps' parents. This moderately dense map will be useful for the initial mapping of genes and/or QTL for resistance to the dagger nematode, Xiphinema index, and Xylella fastidiosa, the bacterial causal agent of Pierce's disease.


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  • Xylella fastidiosa