16S-23S RDNA: Polymorphisms and their use for detection and identification of Xylella fastidiosa strains

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Strains of Xylella fastidiosa from several hosts (coffee, citrus, grape, almond, oleander, peach, plum, etc.) were characterized by analyzing the content of the nucleotide sequences of 16S- 23S rDNA (coding for a small subunit ribosomal RNA) spacer region (ITS). Current methods for sequencing the ITS region yields partial sequences that do not contribute with significant information. According to this fact, new primers have been designed in order to obtain a complete sequence and facilitate the sequencing. The complete 16S-23S sequences from 08 strains were amplified through PCR using the primers designed in our lab. The 16S-23S sequences obtained were compared with 52 others sequences entries in GenBank database. The results revealed a higher level of variation than that found in 16S gene sequences, with similarity values ranging from 0.79-1.00. The dendogram based on similarity data revealed 5 main groups. This spacer sequence contains two genes for tRNA (tRNA(ala) and tRNA(ile)). The sequence analysis of the tRNA content showed a conserved region with a few differences in the nucleotide composition.


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  • Xylella fastidiosa


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