DBMODELING - A database applied to the study of protein targets from genome projects

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Genome sequencing efforts are providing us with complete genetic blueprints for hundreds of organisms. We are now faced with assigning, understanding, and modifying the functions of proteins encoded by these genomes. DBMODELING is a relational database of annotated comparative protein structure models and their metabolic pathway characterization, when identified. This procedure was applied to complete genomes such as Mycobacteritum tuberculosis and Xylella fastidiosa. The main interest in the study of metabolic pathways is that some of these pathways are not present in humans, which makes them selective targets for drug design, decreasing the impact of drugs in humans. In the database, there are currently 1116 proteins from two genomes. It can be accessed by any researcher at http://www.biocristalografia.df.ibilce.unesp.br/tools/. This project confirms that homology modeling is a useful tool in structural bioinformatics and that it can be very valuable in annotating genome sequence information, contributing to structural and functional genomics, and analyzing protein-ligand docking.


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  • Xylella fastidiosa